Inside-glacial drainages of Enilchek.

The concept of this project is exploration the drainage system of lake Merzbacher.

The internal drainage system of the glacier, Inilchek over the lower 14 km is formed by powerful streams of melted glacier water on the contact of indigenous rocks and lower strata of the glacier. Thereby forming the world's largest drainage system mountainous Merzbacher lake, located at an altitude of over 3000 m above sea level.

Periodically, at the annual breakthrough of the lake formed a new drainage system, and expanded and modified the previous one. In continuous dynamic processes occurring in the glacial strata in spring, summer and autumn periods drainage channels are destroyed, overgrown or clogged with ice formed and reshaped.

The main part of the drainage channels dedicated to so-called transit zone of water streams in which occurs the main water discharge from the lake. Confined to this zone, and different from the rest of the glacier, glacial landscape with numerous craters-sinks, panorama, cracks.

In the language of the glacier the unloading of the water flow, much of which drains out of lake Merzbacher.

Theoretically, developed at the contact of the glacier and the underlying rock channels, should be more elaborate water streams than that part of the channels located above the lake. This large size of the system of internal drainage in the active glacier no one has ever explored. So, if you go into the system and traced it to a considerable extent, it becomes clear a lot in making a similar drainage systems in other glaciers on Earth.

In our opinion, this project has two distinctive from each other, and at the same time very similar and interdependent of each other's motivation: at first, the very high scientific and practical significance of the results obtained during high-risk research within the glacier, makes the event scientific and applied; secondly, at the same time, without an organized and sophisticated enough to support the research work of the athletes of the extreme, the first becomes impossible.

Therefore, the objectives of this project in time expeditionary research is only possible with close cooperation of the two components, scientists, and athletes.

As a rule, scientists engaged in similar research have special athletic skills of climbing and caving techniques. But for a more secure implementation of the research requires the participation of professionals who are not focused on scientific methods, will concentrate on security work.

The success of the expedition and obtaining valuable results may put these studies in the category of outstanding studies ever conducted in the world.

In this regard, for the implementation of the project requires careful preparation extreme component of the applied scientific expedition with a focus on security studies. For this, in the expedition should have well-trained professionals who understand such research within a dynamic glacial system.