International speleological expedition Unknown Chatkal

The first speleological expedition in the Chatkal (Western Tien Shan) were planned from 25.05 to 07.06.2018, But the Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of caves plans to set up base camp in the upper river valleys of the Chatkal, until 15 June 2018. It is planned to establish a second base camp, near the confluence of the Chatkal and Sandalash.

The plan of the expedition

25-26.05.2018-arrival of participants of expedition in Bishkek

27.05.2018- departure to the city of Talas. Overnight at the hotel, purchase the rest of the food

28.05.2018- departure to Chatkal. arrival in base camp

29.05-02.06.2018- the exploration of karst areas is confined to the Northern slopes of the ridge, the study of the canyons and plateaus of the mountain range Chatkal

03.06-06.06.2018- the exploration of karstic areas of the mountains Sandalash

4.06-6.06.2018- the exploration of caves  for known  local  on the mountain range Sandalash.

Search and exploration of caves on the southern slopes of the Pskem ridge. With the aim of efficient using of time and effort in the area of the confluence of the river Chatkal and Sandalash  is planned  to install a temporary base camp.

In the case of perspective speleological works on the ridge Chatkal, work will be concentrated in the area of the first main base camp, located in the upper reaches of the Chatkal valley.

On a plateau situated in the North - Eastern part of Chatkal ridge, it is planned to study sinkholes. 

Today, speleologists plan to participate in this expedition from Israel and Kyrgyzstan. During the expedition also planned speleo-biological research and speleo-archeologist research.

Today, the Chatkal is remains unknown from the standpoint of Speleology. High altitude limestone massifs, abundance of atmospheric precipitation and vegetation create good prospects for the development of major caves. All the necessary equipment for base of a camp and  an expedition are our Foundation.

In that the camp will be located in Chatkal until June 15, 2018, cavers from other countries can continue speleological work.

In the expedition, the conditions will be for the work of speleo-biology and speleo-archeologist. All necessary permissions for conducting any research will be received by our Foundation in the appropriate state organizations. For successful work of speleologists in hard to reach areas will be plan to rent horses.

If someone wants to participate in the expedition, please contact our Foundation