Our speleological projects – are studies of unexplored or barely explored karst areas, studies of new caves and caves spoken by locals. In the study of caves, we use a comprehensive methodology taking into account the interests of archaeologists, biologists, geologists, hydrogeologists and other areas of speleology. All projects are carried out with the permission of local authorities, and we are trying to give people who are not indifferent to the fate of the caves the results of the research. 

The caves of Central Asia can be carriers of different kind of information related to the long history of this region, many of which are places of biodiversity, especially different species of animals from the international red list. The caves contain archaeological artifacts and ancient petroglyphs. In our region, many caves have been and still are places of worship. Our mission is to teach officials and local residents to learn to save caves and use them for research and education. To this end, we invite all interested speleologists and colleagues, to take part in our expeditions to various karst regions of Central Asia.

Also you can get acquainted with the expeditions, which are already planned in the different karst areas, in the section  \   Expeditions      
Our organization is not commercial. Our profit is knowledge about caves and karst.
Therefore, we do not conduct expeditions for profit. We are not a tourist organization.
The purpose of the expeditions we conduct is speleological research, and speleology is our hobby.
Therefore, the cost of participating in expeditions covers only all real costs for organizing and conducting expeditions.
We use the services of companies that can provide us with various services. For example, rent a car, rent the necessary equipment.
We receive official permits from state organizations for research.
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Expedition dates can be changed. If the group is one - from one club, association, federation, then the group has the right to change the dates of the expedition. If the group is mixed, then we rely on our capabilities and the capabilities of the majority of potential participants. At the moment we have indicated the most favorable season of the year according to the climatic conditions in a particular geographical area. 
5. SINKHOLES OF KUMYSH PLATEAU , July 15 - July 26. Dates are preliminary

5. SINKHOLES OF KUMYSH PLATEAU , July 15 - July 26. Dates are preliminary

FORGOTTEN KARST PLATEAU Kumysh on the FERGANA Ridge. 2019-2020

Project Speleostan

Project Speleostan

Speleological researches in Central Asia

Project Rufford

Project Rufford

Underground Habitats as a Unit for Conservation of Vulnerable Bat Communities in South-Western Kyrgyzstan

Project: “Conservation of globally significant biodiversity and associated land and forest resources of the Western Tien Shan to support sustainable livelihoods”.



UNDP-GEF project
In 2018, our Foundation became a participant in a project that is being implemented by the United Nations Development Program, together with the Global Ecological Fund and the State Environmental Protection Agency of Kyrgyzstan.
The part of participation in the Foundation project is related to the study and assessment of the habitats of important biodiversity and the land and forest resources associated with it in the Western Tien-Shan.
The tasks of our experts include the assessment and research of karst landscapes and caves, as well as the fauna associated directly with karst landscapes.
An important component of the performed tasks, are the recommendations on activities and actions aimed at preserving caves and karst landscapes in general. The most effective way to preserve caves and landscapes is the development of ecological tourism in the region.
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