SPELEO PROJECT. MOLDO-TOO. 04.07. - 14.07.2018

Speleo project Moldo-Too

Moldo-Too ridge located in the Inner Tien Shan, at the central part of Kyrgyzstan to the south of Lake Sonkol.

The ridge is located in a latitudinal direction from west to east, between the large rivers valleys - Kokomeren and Naryn. The length of the ridge is about 150 km. The maximum height is 4185 m. It is the only ridge in Tien Shan, which is completely composed by limestone.

Almost the whole range and its spurs are composed of depth limestones of Carboniferous age. At the lower parts of the ridge laying mountain steppes and meadows, at the upper part – spruce and juniper. More higher located permafrost areas.

The last speleo surveys here were conducted by geologists in 1975, during the survey there were found 11 caves and several karst funnels on one of the small part of ridge.

In 2017, Kyrgyz and British speleologists conducted exploration of some karst areas on the ridge. They found many grottos at several large and small canyons. Area that was explored was not so big but with very intensive karst processes. That’s make possible to set up a base camp in one site and make an exploration around in effective way.  But, much of the terrain is difficult and demanding. Therefore there a need to use off-road vehicles - military lorries or horses.

According to the geological structure, in this area takes place the wide distribution of terrigenous-carbonate and carbonate formations of dark gray massive and layered limestones of the Lower Carboniferous (C1).

The hydrogeological conditions of the carbonate massifs of karst areas are very diverse. The springs is mainly discharging into rivers valleys as descending, and rarely ascending springs with a rate of 1-10 liters / s. Sometimes the rate of karst springs reaches 250 liters / s.

Our fund, after receiving all permissions of the State Environmental Protection Agency and local authorities to conduct research expeditions at the area, plans to begin a complex speleological survey in the summer 2018.

The first expedition is planned in the period June July 2018. All interested speleologists can take part in the exploration.

1. Evaluation of karst areas

2. Research of know caves

3. Search and exploration of caves in the area of discharge of springs

4. Selection of the most promising and easily accessible separate karst areas

5. Search and exploration of caves in the mid-mountain zone in selected karst areas with respect to the spring unloading zone

6. Study of numerous grottos at different levels in canyons

7. Search and investigation of water absorption zones

8. Investigation of karst signs.

9. Geological investigations

10. Hydrogeological investigations

11. Speleo-biological research

12. Speleo-archeological research

Prices are highly depend on amount of participators due complex transport logistic and others services expenses. 

If the number of participants is greater, the cost of participation is also reduced. The main amount of the cost is for rent an off-road vehicle – military lorry.

The price includes all equipment for the base camp (tents, tents and kitchen equipment, generator, etc.), car rental, payment to the cook, issuance of permits, consumables (gasoline for the generator, gas, etc.), organization.

Speleologists who are interested in speleological research can take part in the expedition.

Project Manager - Alexey Dudashvili