Speleo expedition to the “Bears” cave. Fergana ridge. Southern Tian- Shan

We invite cavers to take part in an International expedition to the karst region of the Fergana ridge. The preliminary dates of the expedition are August 10-15, 2022. The purpose of the expedition: – Exploration of the unexplored Kyndyn-Kyry cave, – Exploration of the unexplored Tash-Unkur cave, – Speleo-biological research, – Search and exploration of new caves in the karst area The Fergana mountain range is composed of Paleozoic limestones. In hard-to-reach places on steep slopes, the locals showed us the entrances to the caves. The southwestern slopes of the Continue Reading

Speleological expedition under the auspices of UNESCO

Speleological expedition under the auspices of UNESCO. Exploration of the ancient cave mine Kani-Gut – an object of cultural and historical heritage In 2021, the Madygen Geopark, a potential UNESCO Geopark, was created in the southwestern part of the Tian-Shan. In addition to unique objects of geological heritage, unexplored caves are located on the territory of the Geopark. Some caves have been explored earlier, some have remained unexplored. The caves are located compactly on the territory of the Geopark. The distance between the caves is about 30-40 km. The caves Continue Reading

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