Speleological expedition to the salt caves of southern Tajikistan. First half of September, 2021

Speleological expedition to the salt caves of southern Tajikistan. Speleological expedition to the salt caves of southern Tajikistan. The preliminary dates of the expedition are September 05-18, 2021. If you have any doubts about participating in an expedition to Tajikistan, read this short information. This speleological project in Tajikistan is supported by geologists from Tajikistan who are interested in the conservation and exploration of the caves. 20 years ago, the country experienced stress and political instability following a decade of civil war. Europeans and residents of neighboring countries were cautious Continue Reading

Speleological expedition to Baralday (Kazakhstan). Second half of June, 2021

Speleological expedition to Baralday  Second half of June 2021 The Baralday karst region is in southern Kazakhstan in the bordering zone with Uzbekistan. The Baralday mountain range makes southern tip of the Karatau mountain range. The absolute height is 1813 m (Bokeytau). The length of the ridge from the northwest to the southeast is 70 km, the width in western part is 25-30 km, and in southeastern part 5-7 km. Surfaces of the mountains are aligned in the form of wide plateaus. There make their starts Boraldai and Kırshykty rivers. Continue Reading

Expedition to the karst region of Naryn-Too (Middle Tien Shan). Second half of july, 2021

Expedition to the karst region Naryn-Too Second half of july, 2021 Naryn-Too mountain ridge used to be one of the most unknown karst areas until 2018. In September 2018, a British international expedition, together with Kyrgyz speleologists, discovered this area in the Middle Tien Shan, almost in center of Kyrgyzstan. According to speleologists, the limestone from which the mountain range is composed is a classic example of cave formation. The ridge is completely composed of carbonate limestone relevant to Carboniferous age (C), content of calcite (CaCO3) is more than 90%. Continue Reading

Expedition to the karst region of Buzbu-Too. First half of june 2021

Description of the karst area (The best time for the expedition is the first half of June) Buzbu-Too is a mountain range in Western Tien-Shan, which almost entirely consists of limestone of Carboniferous and Devonian age (D-C). The ridge is located on the border between Ferghana Valley and Chatkal mountain range. The highest point of the mountain is 2750 m. The massif is 35 km long and 10 to 25 km wide. Buzbu-Too stands apart in the form of a large limestone massif, to the southwest of a junction of Continue Reading

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