UNDP-GEF project
In 2018, our Foundation became a participant in a project that is being implemented by the United Nations Development Program, together with the Global Ecological Fund and the State Environmental Protection Agency of Kyrgyzstan.
The part of participation in the Foundation project is related to the study and assessment of the habitats of important biodiversity and the land and forest resources associated with it in the Western Tien-Shan.
The tasks of our experts include the assessment and research of karst landscapes and caves, as well as the fauna associated directly with karst landscapes.
An important component of the performed tasks, are the recommendations on activities and actions aimed at preserving caves and karst landscapes in general. The most effective way to preserve caves and landscapes is the development of ecological tourism in the region. The result of the research was the book – “The Geological Heritage of the Western Tien Shan – the Basis for Biodiversity Conservation and Tourism Development”
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