Qualification and status of our organization

Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves is a public organization is open to all comers who want to explore the world of caves and to do research in the field of karst and Speleology. The Fund has the professional experience of the research of cave systems in various scientific and applied aspects.

The basic principle of speleological studies is an interdisciplinary comprehensive study of the caves, which is fundamental to the work of the Fund. Studies should be carried out at the junction of several scientific fields such as earth science, biology, history and archaeology, cultural studies and Ethnography, environmental protection, anthropology, medicine, sports, water resources, and glaciology.

Today, the Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves is one of the few organizations in Central Asia whose main aim is to have a comprehensive environmental conservation and exploration of caves as a unique geological monuments of nature. Caves as habitats of rare species biodiversity, as well as places that contain historical data in the form arheologicheskih artifacts, and places containing valuable paleogeological, paleogeographic and paleoclimatic information.

We understand that caves are non-renewable natural resources, the loss of which entails the loss of valuable geological, archaeological and biological archives and any scientific information.

Our Foundation works closely with scientists of Kyrgyzstan, as well as scientists of other countries. Specialists geologists, biologists, historians, archaeologists, climatologists, ecologists and others.

Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves works closely with the State Agency of Environment Protection under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, as a consultant on issues of preservation of unique monuments of nature and protected areas in the caves and surrounding mountain ranges, National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, American University in Central Asia.

We are committed to international cooperation with organizations whose primary activity is connected with the preservation and study of the cave systems, with research institutes, universities and public organizations. We are pleased to welcome speleo clubs, unions, speleological societies, federations, joint research, exchange of experience and joint speleological expeditions.

Our activity is also connected with the implementation of various projects aimed at the preservation and study of unique caves and their associated biodiversity as well as cultural and historical heritage, where the cave played a role in the preservation of historical information.

Our Foundation has a legal status and registered in Ministry of justice of the Kyrgyz Republic. Foundation for the Preservation and Study of Caves is a not commercial organization.

Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves is a member of the International Speleological Union, which was adopted at the Congress in Sydney, Australia in 2017.

Our email address: info@speleo.kg

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