Project Speleostan

PROJECT – SPELEOSTAN. Speleological researches in Central Asia. Objectives of the project: – analysis of previous karstological and speleological studies, search for new caves, study of karst areas and caves using modern methods. The study of geology, geological history, hydrogeology, geographic conditions in various regions of Central Asia, where limestone rocks are developed. In Kyrgyzstan, karst processes are developed on the territory of about 30 thousand km2. Karst is widely distributed in the Southern Tien Shan, in the South-Western Tien Shan and Inner Tien Shan. In 1989, V.N. Mihajljov built a Continue Reading


Bats of transboundary territories of Central Asia. The concept of the project. “Bats of transboundary territories of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) as indicators of biodiversity conservation and the beneficial components of biocenosis in the context of global climate change”. Many species of bats are currently on the verge of extinction. The problem has become especially acute in the last decades, which is connected with the unorganized or barbaric visit of such habitats for bats as caves, where a guided Smoking bats from their historical habitats takes place. There is anthropogenic Continue Reading


Intra-glacial drainages of Enilchek. The concept of this project is exploration the drainage system of lake Merzbacher. The internal drainage system of the Enilchek glacier has not been studied to date. One of the largest glaciers in Asia (over 65 km long) has a well-developed internal drainage system that extends from the ice stream to heights over 4000 m above sea level and has a length of tens of kilometers. The lower 14 km part of the drainage system is formed (or transformed) as a result of the action of Continue Reading

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