The biggest caves of Uzbekistan

There are more than thousand caves in Uzbekistan.

In terms of the number of caves, their depth and size, the caves of Uzbekistan are significantly ahead of all the famous caves of Central Asia taken together.

The biggest speleological discoveries in Uzbekistan started in the early 70s of XX century. As a result of these researches, more than 600 caves were discovered, including, the deepest abysses of the Asian continent: Boy-Bulok and Kievskaya, 16 km long labyrinth of Festivalnaya-Ledopadnaya cave systems.

In recent years, as a result of the persistent and fruitful work of Ural speleologists on the Baysuntau and Surkhanata ridges, new caves were discovered, and research in Dark Star caves was continued, with a depth of 908 m, and a new cave was discovered and named after the outstanding Soviet speleologist, the first investigator of the caves of the region A. Vishnevsky. The combination of this cave with the Boy-Bulok Cave can give a world depth record!

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