International Central Asian Speleological Forum – 2020, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

В начале 70-х годов XX века, в странах Центральной Азии началось спелеологическое движение. Целенаправленно изучались пещеры и карстовые районы обширной территории, от границ западного Китая на востоке до чинков Каспийского моря на западе и от Алтайских гор на севере до хребтов Памира и Амударьи на юге. За 50 лет в Центральной Азии были открыты и исследованы более тысячи пещер. Некоторые из них и сегодня возглавляют рейтинги самых интересных и уникальных пещерных систем в мире. Прежде всего, это Невероятной красоты гипсовые пещеры Кугитанга, в Туркменистане. Самая высокогорная Рангкульская пещерная система на Continue Reading

Speleological expedition to the karst areas of the Ferghana Range. First half of September

Seresu karst region located on the limestone mountain range Isfan-Jailoo, which is the northwestern spur of the Ferghana mountain range Range. The name Seresu, was given to the place by the eponymous lake located here at an altitude exceeding 2000 m. The place is beautiful and attracts many tourists and travelers. There are 3 known caves that were found by a local tourist club during an excursion. Cavers learned about the caves later. Inside the caves were found formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The largest of them is more than Continue Reading

Expedition to the limestone region of Tacta-Boz. First half of august

First half of august The Takta-Boz mountain range is fully composed of Carboniferous (C) and Devonian (D) limestones. Limestones represent a massif with many tectonic faults. The length of the mountain range is more than 50 km. The ridge lies between the Ferghana Valley and the Turkestan mountain range. From geological point of view, it refers to the Southern Tien-Shan tectonic system. The ridge enveloped by acutely continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Though the ridge is surrounded by desert landscapes, it is a large accumulator of moisture Continue Reading

Expedition to the “Kumysh” karst plateau. First half of july

The plateau Kumysh is on the Ferghana Range, 15 km to the west of Karasu Lake. The plateau was discovered by cavers in 1989. The height of the plateau is above 3100 m. The size of the plateau is 0.7 * 0.4 km. 10 sinkholes were found on the plateau confined to two parallel tectonic faults, curving at a distance of 50 m from each other. The diameter of the sinkholes figures 10 to 20 m. The deepest is 3-4 m. The plateau was detected by geologists using a helicopter, Continue Reading

Speleological expedition to Baysun-Tau (Uzbekistan). First half of august

Speleological expedition to Baysun-Tau  First half of august Baysyn-Tau expedition 2019 The deepest caves of Asia are concentrated here on Baysun-Tau mountain range. One of the grand Baysun-Tau ranges, Khoja-Gur-Gur-Ata ridge, rises above the surrounding landscape and  scarce alpine villages more than 3600 m. It stretches for  more than 100 km from the southwest to the northeast. Tectonic processes lifted  limestone stratum above 3500 m height above sea level, forming an extensive inclined plateau in the northwest, which ends in the southeast with a almost 500 m high cliff, which Continue Reading

Speleological expedition to the salt caves of southern Tajikistan. Second half of September

Speleological expedition to the salt caves of southern Tajikistan. Second half of September If you are in doubt about participation in the expedition to Tajikistan, you should read this short note. 20 years ago, the country experienced stress and political instability as a result of civil war consequences. Europeans and people of neighboring countries were cautious about going to central Tajikistan and to its highland eastern part – the Pamirs. But the situation has changed now. Nowadays Tajikistan is a rapidly developing country. Recent 10 years, tourism, economics, science and Continue Reading

Speleological expedition to Baralday (Kazakhstan). Second half of June

Speleological expedition to Baralday  Second half of June The Baralday karst region is in southern Kazakhstan in the bordering zone with Uzbekistan. The Baralday mountain range makes southern tip of the Karatau mountain range. The absolute height is 1813 m (Bokeytau). The length of the ridge from the northwest to the southeast is 70 km, the width in western part is 25-30 km, and in southeastern part 5-7 km. Surfaces of the mountains are aligned in the form of wide plateaus. There make their starts Boraldai and Kırshykty rivers. The Continue Reading

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