Speleological Expedition to the Karst Areas of the Ferghana Range. South of Kyrgyzstan. July – September, 2021

We invite cavers on a speleological expedition to the Fergana ridge, in the period July-September, 2021. Interested speleologists can contact us at: info@speleo.kg Only a good and experienced team of cavers will be able to explore the caves in this hard-to-reach area. The southwestern slopes of the Fergana ridge still remain mysterious to speleologists. Limestone slopes, overgrown with forest and bushes, hide caves. A large number of springs operate at the foot of the slopes. These karst areas are difficult to access. In the Tien-Shan, these places are the wettest. Continue Reading

Speleo expedition to Kozu-Baglan (foothills of the Turkestan ridge). July 2021

The expedition is planned for July 2021. Kozu-Baghlan is a vast karst area that has never been explored by speleologists. The karst area is located isolated from civilization. This is one of the most remote karst areas. Therefore, we invite a team of speleologists who will be able to walk a lot on difficult terrain and look for new caves. The Kozu-Baghlan karst area and its canyons are composed of Carboniferous (C) and Devonian (D) limestones. Limestones are a monolithic massif with many tectonic faults and cracks. The length of Continue Reading

Essay on Hodja Mumin

Salt-mountain Khoja Mumin is located in southern Tajikistan, 25 kilometers in the southwest of Kulyab. Khoja Mumin has a shape resembling a giant dome towering 900 m above surrounding plain (absolute height 1332 m). It stays visible for tens of kilometers. Because of the white salt of which the mountain is composed, it seems that the mountain is freshly covered with snow. The length of the mountain in diameter reaches 8.5 km. Together with the neighboring ridge Khoja Sartis, they belong to the largest diapirs in the world. Similar salt Continue Reading

Speleo expedition to the “Kumysh” karst plateau. Second half of June, 2021

The southwestern slopes of the Fergana Range have always been and remain mysterious for speleologists. These limestone slopes of the ridge, overgrown with forest and bushes, hide caves. There are many springs on the slopes. In the Tien-Shan, these places are the most humid. The largest amount of atmospheric precipitation falls here – about 900-1000 mm per year. Locals have long been telling about the caves they saw in different gorges. Our goal in 2021 is to explore some of the karst areas accessible by car and horses. One of Continue Reading

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