The field part of the speleoproject Speleostan – 2017 is over. It is time to report, analyze and plan new expeditions for 2018. As a result of hard work in Kyrgyzstan for the first time international studies were conducted in several karst areas. Lebanese speleologists discovered 23 caves. The longest of them – “Bear’s Den” (length – 375 meters), the cave “Crystal” with crystals of quartz and many other interesting caves.
The British expedition surveyed several karst sites on the Takta Boz massif, and in the Batken area, where more than 15 caves were discovered, the longest of them is Ustun Kamar (130 meters).
The international expedition, which consisted of 4 countries, also discovered a cave with crystals – in the Arslan-Bab settlement area. The international expedition of Speleozistan to the famous cave mine of Kan-i-Gut conducted a large complex research, which involved well-known professional speleologists from six countries of Europe and the USA.
The Balkan expedition carried out interesting works on the vaucluse study of Abshir-Ata, and also investigated karst craters in gypsum, where they discovered a cave with a length of about 130 meters. The work of bio-speleologists also brought discoveries. Heliana Dundarova suggests that she has discovered a new kind of bats.
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