PROJECT – SPELEOSTAN. Speleological researches in Central Asia.
Objectives of the project: – analysis of previous karstological and speleological studies, search for new caves, study of karst areas and caves using modern methods. The study of geology, geological history, hydrogeology, geographic conditions in various regions of Central Asia, where limestone rocks are developed.
In Kyrgyzstan, karst processes are developed on the territory of about 30 thousand km2. Karst is widely distributed in the Southern Tien Shan, in the South-Western Tien Shan and Inner Tien Shan.
In 1989, V.N. Mihajljov built a map of karst regionalization in Kyrgyzstan. The scientist made an analysis of the main natural factors for the development of karst. This work, for today is the only scientific work on karst of Kyrgyzstan. Based on the study of the factors and conditions for the development of karst, V.N. Mihajljov made an assessment of the districts with possible development of karst caves.
In the second half of the XX century, V.E. Reis (1973-1977), conducted speleological studies. The main task of the research was the search and exploration of caves in promising karst areas of Kyrgyzstan. Scale of research 1: 1 000 000. Based on the data of the researchs, V.E. Reis conducted a preliminary speleological zoning based on genetic and morphometric features of caves and artificial mountain excavations revealing karst cavities. The result of the work was a map of the Actual Material on caves, farmless mine workings and other cavities on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, see the map.
Since 2017, based on the analysis of the available factual material, the natural conditions for the development of karst and caves, our Foundation initiated a speleo project at a scale of 1: 100,000. The main goal of the project is comprehensive speleological research in promising karst areas of Central Asia. The expected result of the researches is the creation of a new speleological zoning map at a scale of 1: 500,000.
One of the main practical tasks of the project is the search and exploration of new caves, as well as studies of previously known caves using new methods and technologies.
Searching for caves and studying karst during expeditions is carried out in representative karst areas.
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