The Tuya-Muyun karst massif is located in the northern foothills of the Alai ridge on South of Kyrgyzstan. Tectonically, this is the most stable part of the Tien-Shan. The district is located 50 km from the Osh city. The mountain range is composed of Devonian limestones.
Several caves are known in the mountain range. These caves are the rarest formations with unique calcite crystals, the length of which reaches 30 cm. These caves were formed as a result of hydro-thermo-karst processes. The entrances to these caves are very small and difficult to find. As a rule, all known caves in the Tuya-Muyun massif have small entrances. This is an indication that the caves are of hydrothermokarst origin. Usually, behind narrow entrances, spacious halls and galleries open.

The mountain range is cut by the imposing “Dangi” canyon. The height of the walls reaches 100-130 m. Speleologists are sure that the entrances to the caves are hidden on the vertical walls of the canyon. This is obvious, since the Tuya-Muyun mountain range has many cracks and faults. And hydrothermal processes should have formed caves.

One of the caves, which is known in the vicinity of the canyon, is about 1700 m long. But this length is not final. Due to the complexity of the cave labyrinth, it has not been fully explored. And in Kyrgyzstan, there are practically no cavers who can explore the cave. Another object to explore is the canyon.

We plan to explore the vertical walls of the canyon and find small cave entrances. None of the cavers have previously explored vertical walls.
For the expedition, we need a good team of cavers who can explore both, almost vertical walls of the canyon in 2 weeks.
In addition, we want to continue exploring one of the caves. The cave is difficult because of the narrow and smooth labyrinths that form an intricate system of galleries. The last time the cave was studied was 1975, when the speleological movement in Kyrgyzstan was active. At present, its length is more than 1700 m. Many unknown passages and vertical wells remained unexplored in the cave.

Therefore, we invite all interested speleologists to take part in this speleological expedition.

Expedition dates – June 2021

Expedition program:
Day 1. Bishkek – Osh – Tuya-Muyun massif
Day 2. Adaptation, exploration of the Dangi canyon
Day 3 – 9. Exploration of vertical walls in “Dangi” Canyon
Day 10 – 12. Exploring the Unknown Cave
Day 13. Tuya-Muyun – Osh
Day 14. Osh – Bishkek

Those wishing to take part in the expedition can send messages to our email address:

We provide all the necessary equipment for the base camp. We also obtain all the necessary permits in order to conduct official research. We do visa support and official invitations.

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