Speleo expedition to the karst region “Kuraves”, South of Kyrgyzstan. July 24 – August 06, 2021

The Kuraves karst region is located in the Kuraves valley. The mountain slopes are covered with dense walnut forests. Almost all the foothills and mid-mountains of the southwestern slopes of the Fergana Range are covered with dense forests. Limestone cliffs are exposed only in the upper part of the mountain range, which is rather difficult to reach. In 2019, we made a reconnaissance of the area. We used a nice off-road vehicle. As soon as we got to the end of the forest, a heavy downpour overtook us. As a Continue Reading

Expedition to the karst region of Buzbu-Too. First half of june 2021

Description of the karst area (The best time for the expedition is the first half of June) Buzbu-Too is a mountain range in Western Tien-Shan, which almost entirely consists of limestone of Carboniferous and Devonian age (D-C). The ridge is located on the border between Ferghana Valley and Chatkal mountain range. The highest point of the mountain is 2750 m. The massif is 35 km long and 10 to 25 km wide. Buzbu-Too stands apart in the form of a large limestone massif, to the southwest of a junction of Continue Reading

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