Speleo expedition to the mysterious Kumysh plateau. July 22 – 30, 2024

Expedition to the mysterious Kumysh plateau We invite all interested speleologists to take part in an international speleological expedition to the Kumysh plateau. Speleo clubs, federations, associations and anyone with experience in speleo research can take part in the expedition. In previous years, we planned to organize a speleological expedition to one of the most mysterious high-mountain karst regions of the Tien Shan, located at an altitude of 3100 m above sea level. However, we were never able to assemble a team of professional speleologists for this extreme expedition. This Continue Reading

Speleological Expedition to the Karst Areas of the Ferghana Range. South of Kyrgyzstan. August – September, 2021

We invite cavers and researchers to take part in a speleological expedition to a new karst area. Preliminary dates of the expedition in August-September, 2021 Expedition dates are not fixed. If you have a speleoclub, speleo federation or a separate team, you can choose the dates convenient for you. We invite cavers on a speleological expedition to the Fergana ridge, in the period August-September, 2021. Interested speleologists can contact us at: info@speleo.kg Only a good and experienced team of cavers will be able to explore the caves in this hard-to-reach Continue Reading

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