Our speleological projects are studies of previously unstudied or poorly studied karst areas. Studies of new caves and caves, mentioned by local residents. In the study of caves, we approach with comprehensive technique taking into account interests of archaeologists, biologists, geologists, hydrogeologists and other fields of speleology. All the projects are carried out approved by local authorities, and the results of the researches we make available to a wide range of people who are not indifferent to the fate of caves.

Caves of Central Asia can bear various information related to the long rich history of the region. Many caves are habitats of biodiversity, especially of animal species listed in the international red list. Caves contain archaeological artifacts and ancient rock paintings (petroglyphs). In our region, many caves have been places of religious worship.

Our mission is to foster in officials and local residents a sense of responsibility to save caves, and use them for research and education. To this end, we invite all interested cavers to participate in our expeditions to various karst regions of Central Asia.

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