Caves of Kyrgyzstan

There are about 200 known caves in Kyrgyzstan. Some of them are geological natural monuments and are protected by the state. First of all, this is the Chil-Ustun cave, known as a unique underground landscape, as well as a habitat for rare species of bats. Galleries of ancient rock paintings from the 2nd to the 11th centuries were found in the cave. Another interesting cave is Pobednaya (Osh mountain hills) – a complex and long cave of hydro-thermokarst origin. Kyrgyz speleologists have not abandoned the idea to go through the Continue Reading

International Search-for-caves expedition “Tuya-Muyun – 2023”, Kyrgyzstan

International International Search-for-caves expedition “Tuya-Muyun – 2023” (Foothills of the Alai ridge, Kyrgyzstan) Expedition dates: April-May, 2003 If you have a caving club, caving federation or a separate team, you can choose the dates that are convenient for you. Tyuya-Muyun is a small, ca. 3×1 km, karst massif in Southern Kyrgyzstan (N 40.355; E 72.600). It is world-famous for hosting the unique U-Ra mine (now closed), in which ores were deposited in a more than 200 m-deep cave. The massif is truncated by Aravan river, which forms a 300 m-deep Continue Reading

Speleo-biological expedition to Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan -2021. August 14 – August 28.

We invite cavers and researchers to take part in a speleological expedition to a new karst area. Preliminary dates of the expedition August 14 – August 28, 2021 Expedition dates are not fixed. If you have a speleoclub, speleo federation or a separate team, you can choose the dates convenient for you. In 2021, we plan to conduct an integrated transboundary speleo-biological expedition to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. In 2019, we made a reconnaissance of karst in Tajikistan. As a result, we understood the logistic features, distance and travel time. We Continue Reading

Speleo expedition to the mysterious “Bears” cave. Fergana ridge

We invite you to take part in a speleological expedition to the karst regions of the Fergana ridge. The preliminary dates of the expedition are August 24 – September 06, 2021. If you have a speleoclub, speleo federation or a separate team, you can choose the dates convenient for you. Locals tell scary stories about mysterious animals that hunt sheep and horses. Shepherds and hunters tell fantastic stories about large animals that haunt local nomads. A story about mysterious animals was told to me by one of the indigenous people Continue Reading

About projects

Our speleological projects are studies of previously unstudied or poorly studied karst areas. Studies of new caves and caves, mentioned by local residents. In the study of caves, we approach with comprehensive technique taking into account interests of archaeologists, biologists, geologists, hydrogeologists and other fields of speleology. All the projects are carried out approved by local authorities, and the results of the researches we make available to a wide range of people who are not indifferent to the fate of caves. Caves of Central Asia can bear various information related Continue Reading

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